Attending the Brescia summer school was a wonderful experience for me, and I am really grateful to Professor 
Lucchini and his expert colleagues for their wonderful support for the whole period of the course. 
I really enjoyed the exceptional teaching quality at the summer school program that was provided by a collection of the best professors in the field of Occupational and Environmental Health from top universities 
of the world that make the course a world-class program with unique opportunities to learn. I also met really highly talented participants from different countries and found very good friends there. Overall, this summer course is an opportunity which I would recommend to anyone looking to have a wonderful learning experience in a beautiful city of Italy, in the heart of Europe

Dr, Maryam Sokooti
University of Milan, Italy

This one week course was one of the best experiences I have ever had and I’m really grateful that I was given the opportunity.
I me
t OH experts from different countries and had lectures with excellent teachers. We gained new and useful knowledge about Occupational a
nd Environmental Health fields and got familiarized with important issues of both in European Union and at international level. I would highly recommend to anybody to come to Brescia and participate in this program.

Dr.Ramin Tabibi, MSc, MSPH, PhD
Assistant professor, Abadan University of Medical Sciences, Iran

I can still recall when I received an email from Dr. Roberto Lucchini in April this year. 
At that moment, I thought I had already lost the opportunity for Brescia Summer-school, since I had not sent my application form in time. Fortunately, they gave me a chance and I can honestly say It really worth it. Great Academic staff, important content in each session, helpful material and sources of information, factory and laboratory visiting, exchange of experiences, and of course, wonderful people I have met from different countries....all of that had made this Summer-school an Incredible experience for me. With all I have learned, I will do my best to improve OSH system in my country and of course, to create better work conditions for people. I am sure that OSH give us some opportunities to make of this world, a better place to live for all. I would like to thank Dr. Roberto Lucchini and all his team, for all the effort and dedication because Summer-school was a great academic opportunity and also, a set of memories I will never forget. I hope to keep in contact with everybody, through a network that allows us exchanging academic opportunities and OSH strategies for enterprises.

Dr. Norvil Antonio Mera Chú
Occupational Physician
Universidad de Piura, Peru

Attending the Summer School on Occupational Health at the University of Brescia in September 2014 has been a great opportunity to get valuable and relevant information from high qualified professionals in the field. Likewise, an academic and scientific environment encourages an exchange of knowledge and experiences among teachers and colleagues from different countries. The course is focused on evidence-based medicine and cost-effectiveness interventions that will influence and impact on the decisions from employers at workplaces. It is noteworthy the active participation of all students on solving cases and approaching situations whose solutions are showed on daily group presentations. Dynamic and close interaction as well as supervised approach and feedback from professors are remarkable features of this course. I strongly recommend this course for those who want to be one step ahead on their careers. Besides, it is an open window for initiating research projects and having new academic experiences. I am very grateful and I feel rewarded for participating.

Dr.Ismael Cruz M.D.
Corporate Physician
Safety and Health Occupational Department
Minsur Peruvian Mining Company, Peru


It was indeed a pleasure to attend the summer school at Brescia University in 2014.
Thank you for giving me this great opportunity and for all the support and the excellent arrangements.
It was an awsome experience & I will cherish the memories forever.

I had the chance of meeting all the great professors and the topics were all interes
ting and informative.
It was also a nice chance to meet and make friends with all the participants from different countries. Warm Regards, Sashikala

Dr. Sashikala Chandrasekar, MBBS, DLO, DIH, DPH
Occupational Health Physician & ENT Consultant,
Private sector companies and CM Hospital
President, Association of Occupational Health Karnataka, 
Bangalore, India sashishekar@hotmail.com

The 2014 Summer School was excellent!
It was a great pleasure for me to take part in the School and have the opportunity to gain new knowledge.
I hope this is just the beginning of a new relationships between specialists in the Occupational Medicine of our countries.
I found that Summer School was very stimulating, it gave me a lot of ideas I shall follow up on.
Many thanks again for the opportunity to obtain so much of interesting and useful information.
I hope we all shall keep in contact.
Sincerely yours,
Nailya Mazitova

Dr. Nailya Mazitova, M.D., PhD in Occupational Medicine
Institute of Postgraduate Professional Education, FMBC, FMBA
Moscow, Russian Federation  nailya.mazitova@gmail.com

Thank you all for the opportunity to participate in the 2014 Summer School.
I feel blessed that i met all the exceptional participants and key speakers and hope to have a chance to meet again.

Sotirios A. Koupidis, MD,MSc,PhD
Occupational Physician
MSc in Health Care Management
PhD, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

I attended the University of Brescia Summer School on Occupational health in September 2013.The Summer school was expertly and professionally organized.

The course content was very comprehensive and very relevant to the needs of practicing occupational health practitioners. All the presenters were of high caliber and their presentations were of a very high standard. I particularly liked the uniqueness and mind-opening, interactive group discussions that translated to real life examples encountered in the practical occupational health field. This course was awesome, insightful and a life time opportunity that should never be missed by any occupational health professional. Surely, I wouldn't mind attending it for a second time. 

Dr. Dingani Moyo
Midlands Occupational and Travel Health Centre, Zimbabwe 

The Summer School at Brescia on 2012, was a great opportunity to meet important scientists on occu
pational health and toxicology of solvents. Dr. Roberto Lucchini, the Director, his assistant, Larissa Gares, and the rest of the staff of professors were really accessible, they shared with all of the participants their knowledge and useful experience in a warm and friendly environment all over the event. The spirit of collaboration of all the professors is awesome! My classmates from Serbia, Malasya, Pakistan and Italy are very important people in their countries; with a lot of experience in their  occupational health problems. Those problems helped the others to see,  the situations are different somewhere and almost the same in others, and the good things they do, are an example of what you can do also to solve yours.
The Summer School on 2012 was one of the best opportunities I have had in my career; I am very thankful for that and I am sure my classmates think the same!

Carolina Guzmán Q
Departamento de Toxicología-Programa SALTRA
Universidad de San Carlos, Guatemala

Brescia Summer School 2012 was so attractive for me because of the exceptional speakers who gave outstanding lectures related to most current challenging issues in Occupational and Environmental health.
Their immediate relation to us was also one of the values of the School because we could discuss about all topics of interest in order to find the best insights and solutions for the questions we faced. I would like to underline that the group of participants was also united and we had great time working both as a team and in small groups.
School had great topics and was organized excellently, respecting schedule. Finally, Brescia, where the School is situated, is a very charming place with warm and hospitable people.
I would recommend to everybody interested in Occupational and Environmental health to attend this School.

Dusan Vesovic, M.D., Ph.D. 
Specialist in Occupational Medicine
Assistant Professor
American School of Medicine at Belgrade, Serbia

Hello, I am Dr Asad Jamal a Pakistani national working on Phd Occupational health from university of Turku, Finland.
I have attended summer school 2012 in Brescia, Italy and I have found it a very informative, well structured course.
I am very much impressed by highly qualified and distinguished speakers who conducted various seminars.
I have learnt a lot.
I have found Professor Roberto Lucchini an eminent scientist with high degree of leadership and a very strong grip over his subject.
His discussions on various topics have proved to be a  source of inspiration for me.
I would like to mention the hospitality of Larissa Gares during the course, I recommend all of you if you get the chance to attend the course.

Dr Asad Jamal
PhD on Occupational Health, Pakistan